React JS has been one of the most popular Javascript libraries used to create user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook. React is not a framework, it is a library because it focuses on the view layer.

React has many advantages offers us. For example, at the center of any website has a structure called the Document Oriented Model (DOM) about how pages are organized. The DOM is updated each time the user refreshes the website, resulting in a loss of performance for high-user websites. React renders only where the change is, using Virtual DOM. In addition, React uses JSX…

JPA allows us to easily create tables in the database with the @Entity annotation. Using Jpa, it is possible to create entities by using the inheritance feature.

JPA has some useful strategies for inheritance:

1. MappedSuperclass

Using @MappedSuperclass, you create a non-entity super class and you can create entity subclasses that inherit this super class. With this annotation, a separate table for each subclass is created. However, a table is not created for the super class itself.

Super Class:

public abstract class Devices {
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
private int id;
private String brand;

private String name;

Inherit Classes:

Hello! It is often a complex question for new beginners to programming : “What language to start learning programming? “ I want to explain this subject from my point of view and purely personal experience.

In my opinion, first of all you should decide in which area you want to code. Before beginning, I want to explain these three important main terms in software :

  • Back-end development: It is server-side of an application. This code is hidden to user, user can’t see the back-end work. It is the code that provides communication between the database and the browser. …

Hello! In this article, I’m going to show you how to do web scraping and creating word clouds from a text using Python. I am going to create a simple Python Flask Project.

You can find full code here:

We will go to BBC News website and scrap all news categories of the site ( sport, health, art etc.). Then we deep into every category and get their texts and contents. We turn all contents of categories into word clouds and show them on our web page. …

Hello! I will talk about how to create a Spring Boot project using Hibernate and PostgreSQL. First, I want to explain what is ORM, JPA and Hibernate.

ORM (Object Relational Mapping): ORM is a programming tecnique that allows our model classes to match our tables in the relational database. It can be thought of as a bridge between an application and a relational database.

JPA (Java Persistence API): JPA is a specification. It is a collection of classes and methods to persistently store the vast amounts of data into a database. It provides common prototype and functionality to ORM tools…

Hello! This is part 2 of Introduction to Natural Language Processing. In this blog, I will explain the smoothing method that is used to find the probability of a sentence that is intended to contain words not included in the text.

You can get the whole code here:

What is Smoothing?

To prevent a language model from assigning zero probability to invisible events, we will need to cut some probability mass from some of the more frequent events and give it to events we have never seen. This is called smoothing.

For more information about smoothing you can check here :

Hello everyone, in this blog post I will introduce the subject of Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence. It is used in many areas today. Language translations, automatic text translation, automatic speech and command comprehension, finding the desired results by searching a given text or word, automatic spelling correction keyboards, word prediction and many more.

In this blog post, I will talk about only one part of my natural language processing work for some texts in Python. I will talk the other part in my next blog post. …

Hello everyone. I want to talk a bit about Validation and Verification, which I have been focusing on for a while. These terms, which are quality terms, are used frequently, but are also terms that are often confused.

To put it simply, Verification and Validation consists of these two definitions of Barry Boehm:

Verification: Are we building the product right?
Validation: Are we building the right product?

Let me explain with an example. You are about to prepare a software product and you have a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document about the product. You have started writing code within a…

Herkese Merhaba, öncelikle Spring Boot nedir, ne işe yaramaktadır bununla başlayalım. Kendi sitesindeki tanımına göre Spring Boot, bize uygulama oluşturmanın hızlı bir yolunu sunar. Sınıf yolumuza ve yapılandırdığımız çekirdeklere bakar, neyi kaçırdığımız hakkında makul varsayımlar yapar ve bu öğeleri ekler. Spring Boot ile iş özelliklerine daha çok, altyapıya daha az odaklanabilmekteyiz. Spring Boot, standalone uygulamalar için gerekli tüm .jar’ları kendi içinde barındırır ve platformdan bağımsız uygulamayı hızlı bir şekilde ayağa kaldırabilir.

MVC (Model-View-Controller), yazdığımız uygulamanın iş mantığı (business logic) ile kullanıcı arayüzünü birbirinden ayrıştıran, uygulamanın farklı amaçlara hizmet eden kısımlarının birbirine girmesini engelleyen yazılım mimarisidir. Basitçe açıklayacak olursak; Model, bir…


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